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English Information Site on Kawachinagano by Tomoaki Shimada

About Myself

Who am I?

My name is Tomoaki Shimada. My current profession is to teach and conduct research on operations management in a business school. I used to be a management consultant before pursuing my academic career. Since 2007 I have been Associate Professor of Operations Management in Graduate School of Business Administration at Kobe University. Now I am trying to start a new chapter in my life.

I have a personal mission! I would like to transform Kawachinagano into an international town with many tourist attractions. In 2012 I embarked on the revitalization of Kawachinagano. I hope that this website will encourage many people from all over the world to visit Kawachinagano.

I was born and grew up in Kawachinagano. When I was a kid, Kawachinagano was a very active town. There were many children playing in small parks and young people dreaming of their great futures. However, the town recently became quiet mainly due to a rapid decline in population. Something has to be done to revitilize our town before it is too late. Businesses and job opportunities have to be created to entice young people to settle in Kawachinagano.

With my years of experiences and knowledges and the efforts of all residents in Kawachinagano, I hope that we can reinvent our town and make it into an international, vibrant, and desirable place to live in. I am making every effort to take the initiative in doing so.

English-speaking Tour Guide by Kawachinagano Volunteer Guide Club

Please feel free to contact him!
Contact Person: Masahiro Fujimoto
Guide Fee: 100 yen (Nominal Charge)