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English Information Site on Kawachinagano by Tomoaki Shimada

About Kawachinagano

You can also refer to the English website of Kawachinagano City Hall.

Basic Information on Kawachinagano

Population 112,173 (as of Jan. 1, 2014)
518 non-Japanese residents are included.
Area 109.61km²
Specialty toothpicks, bamboo blinds, sake, etc.
Number of National
Treasures of Japan
6 (3 in Amanosan Kongoji Temple and 3 in Kanshinji Temple)
Number of Important
Cultural Properties of
78 (33 in Kanshinji Temple, 31 in Amanosan Kongoji Temple, 3 in Kawaidera Temple, 2 in Enmeiji Temple, 2 in Iwawakiji Temple, 1 in Kannonji Temple, 1 in Kozenji Temple, 1 in Maniin Temple, 1 in Eboshigata Hachiman Jinja Shrine, 1 in Nagano Jinja Shrine, and 2 owned by private citizens)
Sister City Carmel, Indiana USA

English-speaking Tour Guide by Kawachinagano Volunteer Guide Club

Please feel free to contact him!
Contact Person: Masahiro Fujimoto
Guide Fee: 100 yen (Nominal Charge)